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Jearred Foruria


"Over the past 30 plus years I have tried just about every old wives tale or secret trick to remove hair from game meat. Nothing ever really worked well. In comes GameGrip! A food-safe, conveniently packaged adhesive strip product that not only removes hair, but dirt too! I am here to tell you, this is a MUST have product for all hunters!"

Brandon Baker

Madco Whitetails

"Hands down the best product to get hair off your deer while butchering it. The strip works great at removing all hair and debris from the meat. As a whitetail hunter who butchers every deer I harvest, these strips are now essential to keeping my harvest clean. 100% recommend."

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Madi Woodward


"GameGrip is a must-have in my pack. My first time using it, I was pleasantly surprised at its ability to remove hair from from meat. It’s been an essential on every hunt since."

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Wesley Smith


"For the backcountry all the way to the local butcher, the WildTech Game-Grip adhesive strips are a must. I shot a bull that died in a pine thicket. Pine needles dropped all over the bull as we were butchering. I was able to pull off almost all the needles hanging on to fat, as well as all the hair that was on the meat. If you care about your meat being clean, these strips will help you immensely."

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Colton Zsiga


"The GameGrip strips work great! Used them this season and got compliments from the butcher on how clean the meat was!"

Kaitlyn Schwin

Youth Hunter

"Cow elk during youth season. GameGrip worked amazing!"

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James Forslund

Bear Country Outdoors

"We used the Game-Grip adhesive strips on a bear we harvested this fall, and were very pleased with the results. It quickly removed all the hair and debris from the meat. We would highly recommend adding this product to your kill kit!"

Sean Curtis


"GameGrip will be a lightweight essential in the kill kit from this point forward! They're even better in the field to clean off quarters before they go in the game bags, eliminating trim waste when you go to work at the cutting table."

Jordan Jolliffe


"These things work better than I thought they would! They pulled all the hair and debris off my elk. I would highly recommend getting some of these. I just ordered 2 more."

TJ Cunningham


"Great product that actually works. I had the opportunity to use GameGrip over the weekend and I’m very impressed. I’ve always been one to make sure to take the utmost care of our harvest since it is such great lean, clean protein. With GameGrip, I’m able to keep the package in my pack without added bull or weight and be able to quickly pull off any hair or debris. Solid product highly recommend."

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Kyle Sinclair-Smith


"I was able to use [GameGrip] on my archery bull elk in September and my archery whitetail buck in November. It worked great pulling the hair off that got on the meat from skinning and gutting. I actually just used one the other day when making dinner — I took out a roast and it had a little hair on it. I tried rinsing it [with water] and it never came off."

Matt Eastman


"This is my son Kaden with his 2023 Wyoming bull elk. Kaden hunted hard this year, mostly on his own because I have my other kids in fall sports. With the season winding down, Kaden found fresh tracks in the snow, slowly followed them and found the herd bedded in a steep avalanche chute. One shot and Kaden ended his season on this nice, general season bull. Unfortunately he didn’t have the GameGrip adhesive strips in his pack, they were in my pack. But when he got home, we used the strips to remove any remaining hair that were on the quarters. The strips worked great, and I would imagine they would’ve worked even better in the field! I highly recommend giving these adhesive strips a try!"

Sara Gamache

PNW Huntress

"I used the GameGrip products this year on my whitetail and they were very efficient in getting the hair off and cleaning up the meat from debris. I would highly recommend them."

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