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GameGrip food-safe adhesive strips are specially designed to safely remove hair and debris from your game meat. Each strip utilizes an incredibly sticky, food-grade adhesive that is FDA compliant for direct food contact. The adhesive is designed to work in both dry and damp conditions, and remains effective from -10° F to 150° F. The packaging is compact and lightweight (2.8 oz / pack) making GameGrip easy to carry with you into the backcountry and the perfect addition to any hunter’s kill kit. GameGrip is also a great tool to use while processing meat at home. Give your game meat the care it deserves with GameGrip food-safe adhesive strips.



After skinning and quartering your game, open your pack of GameGrip food-safe adhesive strips. They are kept in a lightweight package making them easy to transport and use in the back country.


Notice the hair and debris present on your game meat before using the GameGrip adhesive strips. GameGrip strips are specifically designed to remove hair and debris from your game meat.


Repeatedly press and remove the GameGrip strip to the surface of the meat. Unwanted hair and debris stays on the strip, not on your game meat.


The quarter is now clean and ready to go into a game bag!


• Trim away unwanted fat before use
• GameGrip is most effective when the meat surface is warm and free of excess blood and moisture. For best results, use GameGrip when the meat surface is at or above room temperature.
• Adhesive is time and pressure sensitive. For hard to remove debris or when the meat surface is excessively cold or damp, firmly press GameGrip to meat surface and maintain pressure for 5-10 seconds before removing. The longer pressure is applied, the better the adhesive works.


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