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GameGrip Videos

See it in Action

An in-depth look at our newest product, GameGrip, and how it helps you easily clean and care for your game meat.

Quick Overview

A quick look at the GameGrip food-safe adhesive strips in action.

Hunter Review

After a successful hunt, Wesley Smith gives an example of how effective the GameGrip strips are at cleaning game meat.

Weight Test

A short reel showcasing the strength of the adhesive used for the GameGrip strips — this isn't just any ordinary adhesive!

Kaitlyn's Youth Hunt

Kaitlyn is a youth hunter from Baker City, Oregon who recently filled her cow elk tag. Click to watch a video of her exciting hunt, and see GameGrip strips put to use during a real hunt!

Cleaning a Pronghorn with GameGrip

A quick video showcasing the effectiveness of GameGrip when cleaning an antelope.

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