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Under normal circumstances, one pack of GameGrip (10 strips) is enough to fully clean one big game carcass — usually with a few strips left over.

How many packs of GameGrip are required to clean one animal?

Packs of GameGrip do not have a stated expiration date. If stored in their original packaging at room temperature, the adhesive on GameGrip will remain tacky and effective for many years.

Do GameGrip strips expire?

Yes, the GameGrip package is resealable so any unused strips can be easily saved and stored with your hunting gear for later use.

If I open a pack of GameGrip and don't use all the strips, can I save what's left for a future hunt?

The adhesive used on GameGrip is a rubber-based, pressure sensitive adhesive that is formulated to comply with FDA requirements for direct food contacting adhesives (FDA 175.125)

I know the GameGrip adhesive is FDA compliant, but what is it made of?

Moisture is one of the primary factors that promote the growth and spread of bacteria such as E. coli. GameGrip is a safe and effective method for removing hair and debris from the game meat without introducing any additional moisture that can promote harmful bacterial growth.

I just use water to wash hair and debris off my game meat. What's wrong with that?

Burning something doesn’t make that thing disappear, it just reduces it to ash and other byproducts.
The process of singing hair with a blow torch leaves behind burnt hair ash along with petroleum
byproducts from the torch flame. The flavor of the burnt hair and torch byproducts can leech
into the meat resulting in what is called “torch taste”. Using GameGrip eliminates these negative effects. GameGrip also helps remove all unwanted debris from your meat (i.e. - grass, pine needles, dirt) whereas a blowtorch only addresses hair.

In the past I've used a blow torch to singe off any hair that's on my game meat. How is GameGrip superior to this method?

The adhesive used on GameGrip is food-safe and complies with FDA requirements for direct food contact. The adhesive used on duct tape and lint rollers can be toxic and should not be ingested. Also, regular tape products tend to lose their adhesive properties after getting wet from factors such as rain or blood from the meat. The GameGrip adhesive is extremely tacky and remains tacky even after getting damp.

How is GameGrip different than using other adhesive-type products like duct tape or lint rollers?

Dirt and debris can introduce harmful bacteria to the surface of the meat. The cleaner you can keep the meat surface, the safer and healthier the final product will be. Also, animal hair is one of the primary elements that can cause the meat to have a "gamey" taste. Removing loose hair from the meat surface prior to processing will improve the flavor and quality of many future meals.

Why is it important to clean hair and debris off my game meat?

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